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Range of Services

Britton Business Solutions, LLC offers business and management consulting services to corporate and private sectors across a broad spectrum of disciplines....Our focus and core compentencies is with small businesses, meaning those companies with 5 to 250 employees. 

Clients who take advantage of the IIB sponsored Business Support Program have access to experts in the fields below (and more), all at a significantly reduced rate.  

If you need business advice in any of these areas, or in an area not listed here, please ask and we will tell you how we can help.  Please contact us for more information. 

 Accounts - Management

 Employment - Staff Management

 Marketing - Strategy


 Employment - Incentives

 Material Supply

 Admiistration Systems

Employment - Benefits                          

 Mission Statements                       

 Asset Protection


 Mortgages and Loans

 Bad Debt Collections & Insurance

 Exit Planning

 Offshore Management

 Banking - Relationship Building


 Organization Leadership

 Bank Audit -Overcharge Control

 Financial Restructure and Funding

 Patent and Trademarks

 Brochures - Design & Production

 Foreign Currency & Exchange

 Pensions Stakeholder & Executive

 Computer Systems


 Product Development & Design

 Computer Purchases

 Funding Growth

 Production Process Improvement

 Cost Benefit Analysis

 Grant Aid

 Profitability Improvement

 Cost Reduction - Operations

 Health & Safety

 Quality Assurance

 Cost Reduction - Organization


 Rent & Rates Reviews

 Credit Control - Systems & Processes

 Human Resources

 Research and Development

 Credit Control - Risk Assessment

 Importing - Sourcing

 Sales and Strategy

 CRM and Customer Care

 Insurance - General

 Selling your Company

 Databases - Source & Management

 Insurance - Directors liability


 Dispute Resolution

 Invoice Factoring and Discounting

 Tax and Accounting

 Distribution Systems




 Legal Dispute Arrangements

 Training and Development

 Employment - Law

 Legal work

 Venture Capital